Birman Cattery "Le Jardin d'Iroise" 

kitten birman Le jardindiroise


Welcome to our cattery of heilige birmaans "Le Jardin d'Iroise".

We are situated near Brest, at Britany in France. 

Our cats of Heilige Birmaans live at home with us and our 3 childrens. Sometimes, we have kitens for family or cattery we select.

They have a garden of 5000 m2 where they can play and climb at trees . A special cat House with secured park is for them too.

That's why we have choised the name : "Le Jardin d'Iroise".

We have 4 cats actually, 3 females, 1 male.

verandachatterie sacre de birmaniehouse cattery

Le Jardin d'Iroise - Cats "Heilige Birmaan" at Britany in FRANCE

N° de siret : 491 562 278 00029 - Certificat de capacité : 29-235

Création du site : Dominique LE TARNEC, Gérant Le Jardin d'Iroise. / Hébergement : OVH.com